I think—no wait—I’m pretty sure I will go down in history as the author that had a TON of covers for her series.


Either way, I’ve loved them all, but, I have to say… I’m SMITTEN with these!

These bad-boys will be on store shelves come next summer! For right now, these are just the front of what they will look like, but within the next few weeks, Atria will have the full wraps available.

I need to thank the overly-awesome, ass-kicking, nobody-can-rock-a-cover-like-her-don’t-even-try, Regina Wamba from Mae I Design and Photography for creating yet ANOTHER set of stunning covers for Collide and Pulse.  This gal has true talent!

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you the official, forever, never to be changed again, covers to both Collide and Pulse.

Official Atria Collide Cover


Delicious, right? Umm, I am positive I now officially have a crush on Gavin Blake. ♥♥♥

Covers are in the process of being uploaded to all retail sites.

If you haven’t read Collide yet, you can purchase the eBook HERE on Amazon and HERE on Barnes and Noble.

And, once you’ve read Collide, if you have the dire, all-consuming, need to find out what happens to Gavin, Emily and Douche-Pickle, you can purchase Pulse HERE on Amazon and HERE on Barnes and Noble.

Both books are also available on iTunes and BooksAMillion.

I will answer this question now: YES. I do have a very LIMITED amount of the old covers left. However, those are being reserved for signings and giveaways at this time. Do not fret! I’m going to set up something that if you have the old covers in your possession (and would like them signed)  you’ll be able to mail them to my PO box for an autograph. I will make an announcement once this option is available.

Anyway, once these covers are out in the stores (and if you happen to see them) I’ve decided that you MUST send me a photo!!


Okay, I’m out!! ♥